• Participating in the International Conference on Net-Zero Built Environment

    Around 300 scientists gathered in Oslo to create knowledge and inspire a new generation of engineers and researchers to minimise carbon footprints in the built environment. Nordic Sustainable Construction were honored to be invited as a keynote speaker. 

    Read more about the conference here


  • NEW ARTICLE FROM WP3: Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture 

    Cultivable soil is a scarce resource, at the intersecting point of many interests. The article focus on the underrepresented voice of land use in architecture and planning in the Nordic context. 

    Read the article here

  • NEW REPORT: Recommendations for a Common Nordic Approach to Combat New Buildings Life Cycle Climate Impact

    A new report highlights the potential in a common Nordic way to report the climate impact for a building and its full life cycle. This could serve as basis for a common Nordic construction legislation, where the calculation rules and scenario settings are the same.

    Read more here

  • New report: Legislation and Policies to Pave the Way for Sustainable Architecture

    In six interviews, SUSTAINORDIC explore with capacities from within and around the building sector how we can actively, gear legislation to steer architecture and construction in the direction of sustainable practices and conduct.

    Dive into the report here

  • Green potential in Blue Building Materials

    New Handbook: Maritime Building Materials Can Reduce CO2 Footprint and Alleviate the Marine Environment

    Read more here

  • Nordic Stakeholders Met in Brussels to Discuss Their Contribution to the Construction Transition

    The communication partners of Nordic Sustainable Construction met to discuss Nordic initiatives and share knowledge and experiences. The day also included an inspiring site visit.

    Read more about the meeting here

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Sustainable Construction Materials and Architecture

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